Verification of personnel documentation and remuneration

it is exactly what you need, if you are thinking about the true situation of your personnel documentation and remuneration system, this is exactly what you need to do in advance. The current situation dictates companies to treat the question of personnel records maintaining very carefully and thoroughly, there is no need to hesitate, it should be done now.

Before starting to analyze the state of your personnel documentation, we spend 1 day in dialogue with your company, look at the general documents, communicate with those employees who maintain the documents and come out to you with a rational proposal about the required analysis format, its period and quantity. After our analysis you will know exactly where the dates and signatures should be, know the correct wording, have an exact list of necessary documents and a lot of important and serious aspects accompanying labor relations. You receive our analysis in writing, not in words. The cost of the service is determined after a detailed 1-day study of the situantion. The cost of the service does not change if unforeseen situations may arise. The duration of the work depends on the amount of work. The work begins after the conclusion of the contract.