Labor rationing and organization of labor remuneration

If you often ask yourself about the required number of employees, labor productivity, labor costs, efficiency of using working time, we are ready to provide you with expert, calculated and reasonable answers and suggestions to your questions. And it doesn't matter if we are talking about production personnel, sales specialists, office workers or other categories of personnel, everything can be measured, calculated and analyzed. It is no longer a secret for anyone that a business works badly when there is not enough staff, but it is also bad when there are more workers than needed, this generates not only unnecessary financial costs, but also irresponsibility.

  We do always:

analyze the existing organization of labor and production processes

study the structure of working time and digitize it

digitize understanding of staff efficiency and staff workload

optimize all work processes also in combination with production processes

measure the productivity of personnel

calculate the required amount, norms and wage fund by items

develop proposals for the restructuring of production and labor processes to increase efficiency per unit of time

develop proposals for the maximum "automation" of manual labor of production personnel and working planograms

 If you want to know, have reasonable and confirmed labor costs in your cost price, manage these labor costs and understand what their increase or decrease leads to, we will make the labor rationing for you.