Automation of personnel records and remuneration

We have unique practical experience in the implementation of full automation of HR records management, HR workflow, labor remuneration, time tracking in compliance with all the nuances and requirements of the labor legislation of Ukraine, the labor remuneration law and other regulations. We have developed algorithms that optimize the time spent on maintaining personnel documents, minimize the quantity of errors, and allow you to fully track the influence of the human factor.

If you would like to:

have unique and automated process of personnel records management

automate the preparation of personnel documents, reduce time and reduce the impact of the human factor

correctly track and calculate every hour of your staff's work, especially if there are hourly tariff rates and many additional payments and  allowances, different percentage of

        employee bonuses

calculate the salaries of your employees fast and correct

 implement financial security and exclude any possibility of interference in the calculation of wages thanks to the correctly prescribed control and access process

We can implement these processes in your company.

We will write a unique technical task, participate in the implementation process, control the testing, describe all the work algorithms.

The automation of personnel records and remuneration is primarily a necessity for industrial enterprises, which employ a large number of people with different grades, different basic and additional wages, if there is intersection between jobs during a work shift, if the enterprise wants to know in detail and have the correct accounting of labor costs for further correct calculation of production costs.