Outsourcing of the recruitment process

solves your need for constant, monthly search and selection of personnel for one or several specialties. Such a need arises if you do not have recruiters  or if you understand that it is not economically feasible to bear the full costs of maintaining them in your staff. This is a convenient option for your company in Ukraine, if you need to fill up to 5 vacancies per month. We study your professional staff in detail and switch to the mode of permanent formation of an external personnel reserve in case such a vacancy appears in your company. This will allow you not to create a separate workplace for your full-time recruiter, not provide him with office equipment and social guarantees,to  avoid payment for advertising of all vacancies. This service will allow you not to depend on the presence or absence of your full-time recruiter.

You pay only for the result. The cost of the service is determined after a detailed study of the professional composition of the staff, which should be found during cooperation. The monthly cost of the service does not change if you increase the salary level of candidates. The search for candidates begins after the conclusion of a contract for outsourcing of the recruiting process.